The Duty of the People to
Burn the Flag

The government exists to serve us, not to rule us.

Trump's attack on the Constitution

It's well established in law that we all have the right to burn flags as protected free speech. The can't burn the flag in Russia and Trump is trying to impose the same restrictions on Americans that his Communist backers in Moscow have on their society. One is not a free country if one does not exercise those freedoms. So if you feel motivated to spark one up you have a right to do so.

But - the question is - is it a smart move right now?

In order to do that he needs to keep America at war with itself. So he want you to burn a flag so that he can makes the liberals the eneny of the state. And doing what Trump wants you to do is a really bad idea. So I'm actually urging people to NOT burn the flag today (11-29-2016) and not fall into Trumps diversion. It's not America that's the enemy, it's Trump. He said himself that the election was rigged and on that point I believe him.

Better to burn a Russian flag or an effigy of Trump. Find a conservative and give them a big hug and let them know that we are one nation, that you respect them, and we're not going to fall for Trump's ploy. I can definitely relate to reasons not to elect Hillary.

No matter how the election turns out, I'm not accepting the results of the election. Trump said that he wouldn't accept the results if Hillary won, and Trump has denied Obama was president saying he was born in Kenya. So if Trump doesn't respect the election then neither do I. And I think him and his Soviet born Communist raised wife have no business in the Whitehouse.

This country and the civilized world is in really really bad trouble right now. The leader of the free world has never had a job working for someone else, he's a giant man baby, and couldn't pass a high school civics class. Putin likes him because he's incompetent and there will be no one who will stand in his way as he puts the Soviet Union back together. Our president elect is little more than a clown and surrounded with jokers who want to take advantage of him for personal gain. The Republicans (Mitch McConnell) is already telling Trump that draining the swamp isn't going to happen. And Trump isn't man enough to do anything about it.

Think about it. Does anyone really believe that Christians voted for a pu**y grabbing playboy wife cheater who refers to his daughter as "a piece of ass"? Christians might have been born again, but they weren't born afain yesterday. I'm afraid that Trump, being an Atheist, is going to make Atheists look bad.

With Respect to the 2001 Terrorist Attack on 9/11 ....

Some people have suggested that I take this site down in light of the recent attack on our country by terrorists. Like every other citizen - I too grieve for the loss of life and I too am angry and want to do something about it. But giving up my civil liberties is not one of those things. When we surrender our freedom, the terrorists win. Freedom isn't free. And we are not vulnerable because of our freedoms. Our freedoms are our strength and it's what makes us who we are. Taking away our freedoms isn't going to make us safer.

If we want to fight terrorism and prevent terrorists from blowing up airplanes, let me make the following suggestions. First - our unelected president has paid $132 million dollars this year to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan. We have been funding our terrorist enemies. Maybe if we had taken the money we give to terrorists and spent it on putting a sky marshall on every plane we wouldn't have people flying planes into buildings.

Bush vowed to go after the terrorists and to go after countries who harbor terrorists. He stopped short of going after countries who fund terrorists because that would be us. It is our tax dollars that have helped fund this attack against Americans. Clearly the terrorists are our enemy. But does that make our government our friend? Do we solve terrorism by rallying around our president moron who funded these terrorists? A president who took office as a result of a supreme act of treason. I don't think so.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. We need to stop funding dictators and terrorists.

Ashcroft is
Watching You
The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. It's time America stopped funding terrorists. We have been attacked by an enemy that we created, we trained, and we funded. We've been in bed with these people ever since the Reagan Administration. And what is the government solution? Take away our civil liberties? That's not what our forefathers fought and died for!

In 1996 the Clinton Administration proposed a number of recommendations to make our airports safer. The congress decided it was too expensive and said no. Rather than give away our freedoms, which is actually more expensive, we're going to have to spend some money and put armed sky marshals on planes. We could pay for it by reversing the massive tax cut for the rich and by using the money we are now paying to the terrorists themselves.

Anyhow ... this site stays up as a symbol of our freedom and liberties and in spite of the terrorists and our government who funds the terrorists who would now take away our freedoms. Our freedom that comes from the people, not granted to us by the government. And I too grieve for those who are lost. And this loss will never be forgotten.

As to the terrorists, if we ever find them - I support slaughtering them where ever they can be found. But this site is about defending our rights and liberties from those in our own government who would turn us into a close and oppressed nation.

Unfortunately - Mr. Bush was not elected President of the United States. He was appointed to the position in an act of treason to the Constitution by the Supreme Court - who had no authority to appoint him president. There is those who argue that he would have won anyway. Even if that is so, there's a difference between would have won and legitimately winning. and when a person has to cheat to win - it's an admission by conduct that he couldn't win on the merits.

I join with the people in going after these terrorists. But the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Bush is not my president. Having a common enemy does not erase the fact that America is living a lie. And rallying around an alcoholic moron isn't going to make our country safe from terrorists.

Flag Burning is our Patriotic Duty

There comes a point when the citizens, Acting as the Fourth Branch of Government, have a duty to their country to rise up and slap the government down when it gets out of line. We must never forget that the government exists for only one purpose, and that is to serve the people. That the government and the courts derive their powers by the consent of the people, and that the government has a duty to put the Will of the People above it's own self interests. When the government fails, it is the duty and the responsibility of the people to put the government in it's place and let the government know that it is, in fact subservient to the people.

Our forefathers did not fight and die to preserve the flag, but rather they fought and died to protect our right to burn it, just as our founding fathers did to the British flag. The burning of the flag is an act that asserts the right of the people over the government. The denial of the right to burn the flag is the assertion of the government to rule the people. America is ruled by the people, not the government, and it is in fact our patriotic duty, at this juncture to assert that duty.

Flag Burning is a patriotic act done by people who care deeply enough about our freedoms to challenge the government when it becomes a threat to the people. Patriots who love America burn flags.

In the 1960s the government got itself trapped in the Vietnam War (police action) and was unable to get itself out. The systems of government failed to make itself do what was right. But the people, in order to preserve the nation, rose up against the government, forcing it to act in a lawful and responsible manner. In this case the electoral college has failed to produce a result that anyone can rely on. This is a failure of the methods of the Constitution itself. Now we have opportunists who would usurp the power of the people, who have clearly spoke their intent through the popular vote, and substitute a process that has failed. That is not acceptable.

It might be different if the electoral system produced a clear winner, even if it disagreed with the popular vote. That would have been a different situation. But the electoral system didn't produce a clear winner. It failed! And we must admit that it failed. If Gore, by some chance were to have won under the electoral system, and he could have if he had a spine (as electors are people and free to vote as they choose) then the Bush supporters should have burned the flag. The process, as applied to these circumstances is unfair, and the courts have a duty to declare the process void. If they fail to do their duty, it is our duty to enforce the Will of the People on the courts.

When the electoral system fails to produce a result that the people can rely on, we must go with the popular vote.

George Bush lost this election. He lost the popular vote, and he lost the Florida vote. But because his brother is governor and the secretary of State is going to get to be an ambassador, the vote was manipulated to produce a false result. I will not accept Bush as president (Al Gore does not speak for me on this issue) and if he is installed in that office then this country will not be my country and I will treat the government as an occupying foreign power and that a coup has occurred.

I therefore urge all loyal citizens to make it clear to the Republican controlled press that we will not accept this and that we are prepared to burn the flag to make our voices heard. I call on all of you to begin organizing a massive flag burning to be held at the moment Bush is sworn in. And maybe some burnings sooner. When the government becomes the lawbreaker then there is no law.

The United States Supreme Court will now be known as the Republican Supreme Court.

I have to agree with this statement; "Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year's presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the nation's confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law", Justice Stevens of the United States supreme court, in his dissenting opinion. You got that right sucker! And if you think we're just going to sit here and let it happen, you're dead wrong.

I need someone to produce an animated flag burning gif file for me to post and distribute.

Flag Burning made Simple

Flag burning just got easier. Rather than spend good money and buy a cloth flag to burn, just click on the image at the top of this page which links you to a larger version. Then save the file and print it out (landscape mode) to your color printer. Then all you have to do is burn the paper.

If you are going to a political protest, you can print out 20, 50, or 100 copies. Pass them around. Whenever to see someone from the press with a camera, put on a show. Pull one out, light it up, and make a statement. Then you have plenty more to burn for the next person with a camera.

Here's a modified Pledge of Allegiance you can say while burning the flag:

The Freedom to Fly the Flag

It has come to my attention that various governments, landlords, and others place restrictions on FLYING the flag, (not burning it). Just as the government shouldn't be able to prohibit burning the flag because of freedom, it should also not be able to prohibit flying the flag for the same reason. Flying the flag is also free speech.

Protecting the Flag in a Patriotic Way

Since Congress likes to posture by pretending to protect the flag by restricting our freedoms, I have an alternative suggestion. Why not pass a law requiring all American flags to be made in America? Why should the flags the Congress poses in from of be made in Communist China? You think I'm kidding don't you? I was at a political event in Houston Texas several years ago where George Bush Sr. was speaking. He passed out little flags to everyone in the audience and the flags had a label on them, MADE IN TIAWAN.